Trinity #teamthis...

Trinity #teamthis

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What The Heck Do You Put Here @briandabeazt

@mcdonald_42 uhhhh he raised a son who went on to have a net worth of 2 milli, so this better be a comment ripping magic

Fatu @missfatti_fatty

@tatefarmer0 why’s that?

Barbie 💔 @romina.kardashian

@lary_alcapone wow someone has eyes!! do you want me to clap for you?

R R R @2x.wutii

@kyleabryan I think she’s smiling about the dude front of her

Chance @chance_sms_3734

@tatefarmer0 Ik it’s sad that the one kid of his who could’ve done what he did and follow in his fathers footsteps decided to be a gay queen sad real sad🤦‍♂️

Anthony Michael @anthonyforeveryoung

@tatefarmer0 sooooooooooooooooo embarrassing!

Jsun [Jāsun] @jsunjsun


Henry Obregon @wonwonki

@mcdonald_42 these comments 💀💀💀 @batmans_right_hand_man

Jasmine Lamb @blue_jazzy_jay

@robinsonj17 🤣🤣


@lary_alcapone @faisell040 hahagah

Eindhoven @faisell040

@iliass040 hahaha

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