The passing of the torch. #UFC234...

The passing of the torch. #UFC234

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Richard Koos @rich24koos

@mike_swick he's the best!!

Andrew Kalydy @andrewkalydy

@bad__mad bud. You are on crack. You will see what is what, when IA goes against a top 3.


@mike_swick 💯

Paulo Henrique @phmsn

OBRIGADO @spiderandersonsilva por tudo que tem nos proporcionado, se hoje eu não perco uma luta no UFC é por sua causa. Me fez apaixonar pelo esporte, se eu não estivesse numa idade tão avançada (33) gostaria até de fazer uma luta dessa. Muito Obrigado Spider-Man

Paulo Henrique @phmsn

@spiderandersonsilva Oss

Francieli @franbeckeer

Anderson Silva já é lenda, um lutador digno de muito respeito 👏👏🇧🇷❤️

Keis @alexkeis

Why do they not say the torch was passed to jones..? Just cuz this guy said he idolized anderson?

🇦🇧 🇭 🇮🇮 🇵🇺🇷 🇴🇭🇮 🇹 @my_wholeother_world7

@stylebender @spiderandersonsilva Both respect 🙏🙏

Eugene Le @psoriasishottie

I think it was an act of some higher power that made this the main event when the pullout of the main fight happened. This is straight out of movie or an anime. That's some crazy stuff.

James Carter @james_carter_05

@stylebender vs @jonnybones

James Carter @james_carter_05

@jonnybones vs @stylebender

Cem @shnxc01

Silva vs Weidmann 3

Justin @jcoppedge101

@dragokush lmao why so many people think calling people casuals makes them look cool?? Especially when 99% of them have never even been in a pillow fight l let alone a real one 🤦🏻‍♂️

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