In between shows at the #Grammys....

In between shows at the #Grammys.

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Nick Huber @nick2late

What a couple of beautiful young ladies, Patton❤️

Mike Piehl @mikepiehl

Your kids will eat a salad??? Lucky.....

Bri-nando @brideihl

Dat dress doe 👌🏼

Englishmarm @englishmarm

These little girls look like characters in a book. Sweet.

Zoey 🐺 & Jacob 👽 @zoeyshortstuff

Pasta over salad, any day!!!


Highlight of the night girls? “The pasta”

Dynamique Droidastique @danomatique

hey what's that cause drinking water then? o, it's a tall picture of water then. pitcher?

Jordy @saucyvs

@neatomosquitosea no I bit into my pizza and it was absolutely disgusting. From memory the only flavour was the sauce, every other ingredient was tasteless. No I didn't 'dine and dash', it was take away, I threw it straight in the hotel bin though

OceanRain @oceanrainmmc

@saucyvs guess these awesome kids don’t agree with your assessment. It’s kind of about their joy here. But nice review!

Jordy @saucyvs

@neatomosquitosea Of course the children love it, because the chef can't cook everything is loaded with salt & sugar, two things you need on a biological level, particularly children. Hence why salty and sugary foods are so attractive to humans. He tagged a poor quality restaurant and I made a comment that the food was shit, would you have taken such issue if I said McDonald's was shit?

OceanRain @oceanrainmmc

@saucyvs dude - enough already. It’s a cute pic. You look like a psychopath here 💩

Jordy @saucyvs

@neatomosquitosea I think you might want to look up the other definition of psychopath, regardless, I simply made a comment that the food there was shit, it's a chain restaurant, what else would you expect? Stop obsessing over children, it has nothing to do with this you creep

OceanRain @oceanrainmmc

@saucyvs #youreinsane

TheWandering3 @thewandering3

@pattonoswalt 😘thank you so much for coming to our table and giving us a pep talk after our loss to Weird Al @alfredyankovic . Hearing we have that common bond made our night!!

Will Gallagher @w___gallagher

@thewandering3 this is cracking me up!

Jackie Harris Greenberg @jackiemontreal

Fancy dresses!! 👏🏻💖🏆

Jordy @saucyvs

@neatomosquitosea I called you a creep because you called me a psychopath. You have no evidence to suggest that I'm insane, but you insist I am. Just like I have no evidence that you're a paedophile, but if the label fits...

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