I like @stylebender but he needs to defeat someone in the top 5 before all this talk. Why is stripping Whittaker even in discussion? . . . . #ufc #mma #ufc234 #andersonsilva #israe...

I like @stylebender but he needs to defeat someone in the top 5 before all this talk. Why is stripping Whittaker even in discussion? . . . . #ufc #mma #ufc234 #andersonsilva #israeladesanya #khabibnurmagomedov #khabib #conormcgregor #tonyferguson #gsp #jonjones #boxing #grappling #kickboxing #bjj #wrestling

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Hans Bothe @hans_bothe

Tbh from his end I get it. He's a competitor. But I wouldn't strip Wittaker yet tho lmfao. I hope he isn't gone for too long.


I don't agree nor disagree with him. Let's be honest ranking is BS these days and had Silva not been suspended where do you think he would be standing on the rankings? Adesanya racked up 5 wins inside 1 year of his UFC debut. Within that time Robert had pulled out of 2 title defenses. The middleweight division has been a mess since Bisping reign. So if Robert is gonna be out for 6 months or more I say we keep it moving.

Combat Chat @combat_chat

People complain about Dana stripping champions, this time Dana says he's not stripping him and now they want him stripped

MMA memes and stuff @dodgymma

The rankings aren’t great but they’re somewhat telling of who the top contenders are. Considering Anderson wasn’t a top contender for the belt I can’t see how defeating him grants you a title shot. If anything I think winner of Yoel/Costa is more deserving


@dodgymma I can agree with that as well. Well for Costa. But all the controversy with Yoel honestly I'd rather see him go up a weight class. If anything Israel vs Costa and gastelum vs Whittaker. Winner vs winner loser vs loser 🔥

Brent @brent_t_k

@dodgymma 100% agree

bumpy_johnson @bumpy_schultz

Adesanya lucky he didn't have to take the road whitaker did in order to be champion


@bumpy_schultz Romero is gonna bury Adesanya if they ever fight

Джей Ледшам @mr______miyagi

Stripping talk is ludicrous. Blasphemy

Джей Ледшам @mr______miyagi

@bumpy_schultz people sleep on Bobby and it really baffles me. The guy is undefeated at MW. His last 3 opponents alone are testament to his credentials and his legitmacy as champion. Israel is very good but he needs to do more than beating Derek and lets be honest he was sparring with Anderson, that doesnt warrant what he is requesting. The promotion is on its arse.


@mr______miyagi Robert is a fucking beast no question. Disgraceful how people are over looking him now because of a freak injury

bumpy_johnson @bumpy_schultz

Israel has so much more competition.. He fought a couple nobodies.. Beat Brunson and a silva past his prime.. There is so many other beasts for him to take on ! Weidman, rockhold, costa, hall, jacare, romero, gastelum, etc.. I honestly think stylebender will be exposed once he faces these monsters

Джей Ледшам @mr______miyagi

@bumpy_schultz i agree with you my friend.

mopar mal @moparbb1969

Adesanya and gastelum should try fight Romero then see if he deserves a shot. Lol all these guys bypass Romero and he would destroy them all.

GP @georgephils

You shouldn’t be allowed to fight for the title at 185 without fighting Romero first


Ridiculous. He hasnt fought a single guy in the top 10. You got 5 guys who have put in the work and are chopping at the bit and he's just gonna leapfrog them? Fuk the UFC

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