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Jaime Topham @jaime_topham

@jordy_paterson SO KEEN!

Kristin schmidt @kristinleighschmidt

@samiraschmiddt new album out now.

Nathalie Esther @nathaliesthermusic

@nathaliesthermusic my theory is confirmed, ty @elevationworship ! 💛

Teresa Barnes @teresa__barnes

@elevationworship #amazingartwork #gamechangers

lyn @fiioolowl

So good. I was up at 3am listening.

Nancia van Wyk @nanciavanwyk

@gouwsliezel 🙏🏻

Peter @perdo1980

When can you buy this on your website?

josh carter @j.s.carter

This album art is next level 😭😍🙌🏼

Louise Koeberg @luworshipper

You guys - this album is brilliant 🙌🏾 I am mind blown with the musicality and what you have done. You just keep making it sound better and better. These words are such truth it is the stuff that stirs me to worship ❤️ thank you for constantly producing amazing music for the world to worship to ❤️

D @d.donohue

New album is awesome. ❤️❤️❤️It!!!!

POD @okechukwuanyanwu

Getting healed just by listening to this work. Thank you guys for yielding yourselves to God. Thank you. A million thanks.

N I K K A @claudianikka

In love with the deets

Kristen † Jefferson @kmjefferson

Will y’all be selling the original Hallelujah Here Below album as a vinyl LP on your church’s website again anytime soon? @elevationworship

phumi kubeka @phumi_kubeka

What now, y’all have done enough 😭♥️😍

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